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A Collective Art Exhibition with

From March 9th to 15th
12pm - 7pm

#WomanLifeFreedom  #MahsaAmini  #StrandForWomen


On March 8th, 1979, Iranian women took part in a week of demonstrations in Tehran, beginning on International Women’s Day, to protest the new Islamist regime’s edict compelling women to wear hijab.

Forty four years later, on March 8th, 2023, Iranian artists Homa Emami, Shirin Neshat, Cima Rahmankhah and French artist Prune Nourry present a body of artworks all connected to the symbol of hair. 

In Persian Mythology, the symbolic dimension of hair is particularly linked with life. Women cut their hair to mark their mourning. Today, women and men are standing up before crowds, baring their heads, cutting off their hair in an act of defiance: Hair has become a universal symbol that we should keep alive.

Drawing, painting, video, food, sculpture… This show brings together a group of artists who have used hair in their work for years and want to show support to the universal movement for #WomanLifeFreedom happening in Iran - with their own way of expression, art. 


Inside the show, Cima Rahmankhah’s large abstract drawings of hair neighbours Shirin Neshat’s video installation “Sarah”, with a woman’s face and hair floating in water. Hanging on a wall, the incredible hair chain object by the artist Homa Emami consciously refers to the current feminist women's revolution in Iran. Every year, women's hair grows by about 15 cm, and after 44 years of oppression, the result is a 660 cm long hair chain. 




Visitors can also contribute to a collaborative artwork on a giant wall made of thousands of hair strands - sent over the past month by people worldwide.


As Iranians are asking for everyone in favor of democracy, everyone in favor of women’s rights, to bring light and attention to their important fight, Prune Nourry answered this urgent call with another call: she asked for hair strands, a medium consistent with her artist practice as she started to collect strands from people who inspire her in 2007.


This #WomanLifeFreedom movement is inspiring. It is universal. Hair is an essential element for ignition. A strand (wick), can be extinguished, if neglected, or can ignite a fire.


We hope this exhibition ignites our collective communities as we #StrandForWomen.

24 2nd Avenue, NY

Exhibition: March 9 - March 15
12PM - 7PM

For more information and media inquiries, please contact



In partnership with the French Institute Alliance Francaise (@FIAFNY).

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